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Babies & Toddlers
  • 5807 N Lincoln Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60659
  • Phone: 773-857-3644
    Fax: 773-857-3645
    Mobile: 773-459-5173 (Gabi)
Preschool & Kindergarten
  • 5911 N Lincoln Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60659
  • Phone: 773-334-4010
    Fax: 773-334-4044
    Mobile: 773-981-5002 (Ana)
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About Us

Children’s World Daycare Centers offers high quality day care, early childhood learning services, and preschool/kindergarten education.  We help your children discover their unique potentials and harness their prowess in various fields such as:

  • Arithmetic
  • Creativity
  • Music
  • Physical Games
  • Social Skills
  • Literature and Phonetics

Our staff also set good examples for the children.  We help mold each child into an intellectual individual with well rounded manners.  We give them opportunities to learn in different educational aspects, not only academically.  By immersing them in fun activities and loads of knowledge sources, we help build their characters as emotionally mature and intellectual individuals.

We see to it that our programs match the parents’ or guardian’s schedule and that our service fees are affordable too.  After all, it is convenience and learning for children that we are trying to extend to you.  Such forms of education should be available to all children in our community – as this is how we build a strong society.  In the provision of our daycare services, we strive to serve the educational needs of the children as well as meet the level of satisfaction of parents such as yourself.

Visit us and speak to our administrator.  Please call 773-459-5173 to set an appointment.

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